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In times gone by, especially the more repressed bits of the 17th century, people believed in the succubus, a devil in female shape wholly responsible for the bad behaviour of men during the hours of darkness. If a villager was found wandering around peering in his neighbour's shutters, or naughtily nicking fruit in the market, or gazing with appreciation at a lady he wasn't married to, the succubus got the blame because God-fearing men, on their own, would never think of such things. This succubus is 17 inches of red-hot porcelain party girl. She is articulated to the waist and wired waist to knee, with a wired, leather tail and hook-on leather wings. She has huge pointed ears, so she can hear your naughty thoughts, six glazed and china painted horns, glazed lower legs and hooves and china painted green nails. She is nearly wearing lace knickers and a laced-up leather corset, designed to fall off. She wears a 17th century open/closed robe, a fixed 'diamond' ring a removable 'diamond' necklace (the diamonds are fake but huge). She has wonderful red glass eyes and beaded eyelashes. She just needs understanding, and a party, and some champagne, and... Supplied with metal and wood doll stand, not photographed, the curved metal arms will fit securely under the knickers. Was £85.


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