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17 inches of porcelain doll that I made to balance so many months making angels. It's just a job; this one is catching lost souls. He is fully articulated to the waist, wired waist to knee and in the leather tail. He has leather hook-on wings, a leather waistcoat covered with charms to ward off the devil (he collects them) and a lovely leather cod piece. He is sticking his tongue out at you because he has fantastic glazed horns, knuckle-spikes and fingernails. In the kiln the glaze for his lower legs ran all over the kiln shelf, I had the devil's own job scraping it off afterwards. No wonder his red glass eyes are laughing at you, he has guaranteed employment, is always on the look-out for helpers and has total job satisfaction. He doesn't make people do naughty things, he just mops them up when they're done. It's quite ecological. Supplied with a wood and metal doll stand, not pictured, which will fit securely round his furry hips but he will sit down, if he's on a tea break.


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