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This is a very girly 17 inch succubus. Succubi are very hard to make in porcelain but, reportedly, very easy in the 17th century, when these lady temptress devils got the blame for all sorts of un-Puritan excesses. This one has red glass eyes, beaded eyelashes, six glazed horns, fake diamond jewellery, a leather corset designed to fall off easily, hook-on leather wings, a leather tail, bendy fur thighs, a fake diamond ring and a 17th century open robe made of see-through night black cloth with gold bits on that could never have been made on a village loom. Well I hope you're tempted. Can you withstand temptation if I throw in a free doll stand? She can sit, stand and lie, in her teeth. Girly, like I said. Was £85


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