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Original artist dolls are those completely originated by the doll maker not using any commercially available moulds or patterns. All my dolls are original artist dolls. I sculpt all the porcelain parts for every doll; for each part or group of parts (for example both hands) I make a plaster of Paris mould. I pour the porcelain into my moulds, de mould, clean, fire, china paint, fire, set eyes, assemble by stringing or sewing, wig and dress. I only sell my dolls here and at Miniatura so you know you are buying an original work of art. I make dolls one at a time; although they begin life in moulds by the time they emerge as a fully made doll, each one is an unrepeatable individual. All original shapes created by an artist are copyright and so all my dolls are my copyright. I sign my dolls either on the bottom, at the hip and leg joint, on the back waist of the torso or under the head at the neck joint, by carving my initials in the unfired porcelain, so look for a recessed JL in these areas if you are trying to identify my dolls when I am no longer around to do so. Whilst I try to be original in everything, when sculpting I do use photographs and pictures to make different faces. Many of my dolls are inspired by actors, models or beautiful children. A few are actual portrait dolls, mainly of miniaturists who wanted to put themselves in their dolls' houses. I also paint dolls' house size oil portraits of Miniatura visitors from photographs I have taken of them. It is a constant surprise, given the normal arrangement of faces with two eyes half way down, a nose in the middle and a mouth underneath, how very different faces can be. We are all individuals, especially you and me.

I've coloured my initials here so that you can see them, only the tiniest dolls for the dolls' house in the dolls' house are not incised with my initials.
They're so small there's nowhere to write!

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