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Like the gentleman from Devizes, I have them in different sizes. The smallest doll I make currently is the 7mm dolls' house dolls' house baby, the largest are the fifteen inch angels and devils. The pictures in the shop are the same size but the dolls are not. Sizes given are the height of the doll. Some dolls are specifically made to fit in dolls' houses. 12th scale is the industry standard, in which an inch in the miniature world represents a foot (12 inches) in reality. So a real six foot tall man would be represented by a six inch man doll. The next most popular scale is 24th scale, also known as half scale in America, because it is half the height of 12th scale. In 24th scale the same real six foot man would now be a three inch tall doll. Naturally every other part, girth and so on, will shrink proportionately. 16th scale is an old pre-war dolls' house scale, also known in America as three-quarter scale. A six foot man is represented by a four and a half inch doll. Old Triang houses are often in this scale. Popular in America is 48th, known there as quarter scale. The six foot man is one and a half inches in 48th scale. Also popular are dolls' houses to go in the dolls' house nursery. Ideally these should be 144th scale in a twelfth scale house, 288th scale in a 24th scale house and so on. In practice many strange scales get introduced because, whilst not many miniaturists work in these scales, railway modellers have been doing so for years. My dolls' house dolls' house dolls are 144th scale and look suitable in most 144th scale houses I have been able to find. I also make some dolls to go in nurseries which are reproductions of famous old dolls, such as the Bru and the Steiner. These are correctly sized for 12th scale houses, though some are suitable to be 24th scale children. They also make good dolls' dolls for doll collectors wishing to accessorize. One of the advantages of making my own dolls from scratch is that there is no problem in producing dolls to fit odd sized houses. House builders are inclined to take a sheet of plywood and see what they can make, so every scale is still a variable feast. The house which the builder swore was 12th scale when he sold it to you, could turn out to be a very small 12th scale or a very large one, once you start shopping for furniture. If you find a doll that fits, who can go through the doors and look out of the windows, you are advised to take the doll shopping with you because you already know how large tables and chairs are in comparison to people and the doll will save you making costly mistakes. I base my 12th scale dolls on real people. The circumference of the heads and the size of the hands are derived from measurements of human beings. I also take into account collector preferences, collectors prefer dolls that have slightly shorter arms than real people. I think that this is because you are more used to looking down at your own arms than you are at the arms of other people, whose fingers definitely reach mid thigh. I also tend to make my dolls quite chubby; I believe the current fad for stick-thin celebrities is a passing fashion that will look very silly in years to come and date your heirloom dolls' house more than you would wish. If in doubt about the suitability of a particular doll please email me for more measurements. Remember the doll you see in the picture is the actual doll you will receive if you order it, so it's a good idea to make sure that's the one you want.

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