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Wig Cap

Some dolls, such as those with solid heads and china painted eyes, can be wigged by gluing hair directly to the head. Others require a wig made on a wig cap, just like a hair wig for people. I make my wig caps from chamois leather, which can be found very thin avoiding the giant-head look but is strong to retain its shape to fit the head yet is easy to sew through and easy to glue on to. You can make a wig cap when dressing any porcelain doll or restoring antique dolls. It is less damaging to antique dolls than hair glued directly to the head and, if you prove to be an apprentice hairdresser, easier to remove the wig on a cap and start again than to scrape hairs off a head one at a time. Buy an offcut of chamois leather from a car showroom or garage. Cut a square big enough to cover the entire head of the doll. Cover the doll's head with cling film/kitchen plastic film wrap and secure by twisting round the neck. Soak the chamois square in a solution of half water, half PVA/tacky/white glue, squeeze out then drape and mould firmly over the head and leave to dry. When dry ease off the head and trim with scissors to the natural hair line. Wig caps made this way with thicker leather work up to 24 inch dolls and with very thin leather down to 3 inch dolls. They are easy to take on and off the dolls as you try the wig you are making. They secure with just a line of glue run round the inside rim. Making wigs is too large a study to include in the doll glossary. However, wig making and doll dressing instructions will be elsewhere on the site eventually.

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