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Fashion Ladies

I created the fashion ladies for collectors with an interest in costume history. These 12 inch, one-sixth scale articulated porcelain dolls have historically accurate (within the parameters of it being a doll; I have carefully omitted lice, stuffing made of human hair, toxic starch and other joys) removable clothing. Moreover if you wish to make doll clothes yourself you can use the three 'Patterns of fashion' books by Janet Arnold. ISBN 0-333-13606-3 These large paperback books, available online from Amazon, were written and drawn based on actual costume museum exhibits. They are widely used by costumiers in theatre and television because they give patterns and detailed notes for British historical outfits from Tudor times onwards.

I have made my little fashionistas so that the patterns will fit them perfectly if reproduced at 135%. Cut the patterns out in kitchen paper and try them on the doll. As the dolls are all-porcelain they will remain the same and any pattern will fit on any doll. This enables me to offer costumes from time to time in the onsite shop. There are two bodies, natural or corsetted. In the pictures of the two undressed dolls the doll on the right has the corset body. This has a sculpted bust to simulate the effects of a corset on the shape of the torso, it also has different shoulders and upper arms so that the doll can be dressed with off-the-shoulder fashions without a shoulder joint showing. As you can see the bodies are otherwise very similar; clothes made from the patterns will fit either body. A corset body doll is also shown seated before the book and demonstrating the correct position of the doll stand wires to support the doll at the hip. The wires should be slid out of the base, placed over knickers, trousers or other bifurcated garment then replaced in the metal casing with other clothing placed on top.

These dolls have separate fingers which will break if you allow the undressed dolls to slap their thighs. Don't encourage this behaviour, no matter how happy the dolls are to be getting clothes provided by you. Once dressed the clothes will save the hands but when dress making or changing outfits, care is advised and perhaps use of the hand wrappings in which the dolls will arrive.

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