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China painted

China paint is not like ordinary paint. Supplied in powder form, it is mixed by knife on a tile with a medium to render it liquid. It does not dry until fired, so often on miniatures it is necessary to paint one area, fire the item in the kiln, leave until cold, paint the adjacent area, fire in the kiln and so on. Colours are not readily mixable, results are variable and a thin line, doll eyelashes, for example, is a really tricky thing to paint. Wet items are highly likely to stick to the kiln shelf or each other. Nevertheless, I love china painting and the results when fired become part of the porcelain. This is great news because it means that you can wash the porcelain parts. So if you are practising wigging and have a head to work on, you can wash off failed attempts and the glue, dry the head and begin again. China painted faces that get dirty can be washed and dried and in every way the superiority of china paint as a lasting method of colouring means that your porcelain doll will always look like new.

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