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Combable hair

Some of my latest glass-eyed dolls have combable hair. These wigs, which have taken years to perfect, consist of long fringes of hair circular-stitched to a wig cap. Each wig made with tiny hand stitches, takes hours to produce but the result is a wig that can be gently brushed with a dry toothbrush. I developed these wigs for miniaturists wanting dolls which could be further dressed, but that would look respectable if by chance they spent their days sitting around in their underwear reading a book. If the combable hair becomes fly-away, stroking it with a tumble drier anti-static sheet will restore the smoothness. This hair can be plaited, tied with ribbons and dry-styled realistically. If you need to wash the hair eventually, use a small pot or saucer of water and enough detergent to cover a pin head. Hold the body in your hand, grasping the head firmly between finger and thumb. With the other hand stroke the hair away from the head and dip the hair, but not the head, in the water to wet it. With your free hand, apply the pin head amount of detergent and massage through the hair. Rinse the hair in water and repeat with clean water until the water is clear. Squeeze out and blot thoroughly on a towel. When the hair is still very slightly damp, after about ten to fifteen minutes, would be a good time to brush it back into shape and leave to dry completely. I should admit that I did this successfully under a tap running a trickle of water but then I am slightly intrepid and do make the dolls. If you are washing the hair of a dressed doll you may wish to encase the body of the doll in a plastic bag secured at the neck. I washed mine with the clothes on and the earrings in and asked it where it was going for its summer holidays.

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