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Dolls described as 'dressed' have clothes usually made properly, like real clothes, off the doll then placed on the doll and sewn up where normal closures would be on full sized clothes. To remove the clothes look for small stitches in those areas and cut them. Gathered sleeves are gathered after being placed on the doll and will need to be snipped to allow the hands to pass through the sleeve. Smaller than 24th scale dolls may have closely fitting garment parts placed on the doll and then sewn, if snipping a seam does not release them they will need to be cut off. All dolls are properly made underneath; removing a shoe secured to the foot with a dab of glue will reveal the toenails and so on, so careful undressing should result in a whole doll ready to be dressed. Dolls described as having 'removable clothing' have clothes made as full sized including working closures, which are usually either buttons or Velcro. These are designed for adult collectors, however, and should withstand several careful removals and replacements by the same.

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