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What you see is what you get, there is only one item per photograph and the item photographed will be the one you receive. There is no factory, just me making things in numbers of one each. If you decide to buy an item, as you buy it, it becomes unavailable to anyone else, it is yours and yours alone. I realise this may lead to desperate longings but I don't make to order, this is art and the things I make because I'm loving making them turn out so much better, that's usually the kind of things collectors wish to buy. However, I do make porcelain things from moulds and I'm responsive to requests, so if you were to email me that you'd like a certain doll in modern dress, or you could do with an older Tudor man I'll have a go and put the result on the website. My only reservations are that I cannot copy dolls by another artist, my work will always look like mine. My style is, I hope, childlike and rather innocent. Whilst my dolls are intended for adult collectors only, they are nevertheless, dolls, they belong to the sunny side of life, even the devils. The only babies I make are in 24th scale, because no one else was, and I had so many requests. My dolls are dolls, they live happily in the moment and do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow, I hope you will spend many happy moments with the one you chose on screen when it comes to live with you.

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