Yet more rubbish

Hello again.  I know I said I would write about making a donation of bits of yourself after death and I will do so.

At present, however I am deeply enmeshed in all the practical things that have to be done after someone dies.  When my father died the accounts and papers for the house had been kept in order by someone very old looking after a demented person and a demented person having a quick shuffle of the papers just because.

For the last four and a half years the papers have been sorted out by someone reputedly sane (me, that’s me I’m referring to) so it should be easier.  Stuff such as agencies who still haven’t managed to cancel their direct debits have to be dealt with as the problems arise, however.  I spent the whole morning doing a list of addresses of beneficiaries for the solicitor.  There were many, most of whom have not been near for the last four and a half years, needless to say.

I am doing what I set out to do at the very beginning, which is to do as much as I can each day, which is easier now that I’m not having strange phone calls late at night because when I stop to rest, I know I can do so.

Now I have stopped I am so tired but last thing at night I look much less like a panda, which is an improvement.  When the weather gets warmer I shall get outside and do some digging.

And soon, too soon, it’ll be Miniatura.


I know I sound tired but I am glad it’s on the horizon and this time I’ll be able to do it without my mother feigning sudden heart attacks or whatever to stop me going, so that will be better.


Miniatura March 25th and 26th NEC full details

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  1. Jeanne says:

    You don’t know me, and I barely know you because I’ve just started reading your blog, finding it via some miniatures search or other since I’ve taken a much more active interest in them the past few months, but I just want to say “enjoy Miniatura!” with the understanding that you know I’m saying much more than that, as well.

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