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How clever you are.  Unlike me (I’m still waiting further instruction from the S&H but I have not deleted the email thingy that arrived which is progress, of a sort) some readers already know how to track blogs.

Chris uses Feedly and Megan likes Bloglovin and they wrote to tell me.  Thank you thank you.  I will still pursue something here to help but by the time I have it sorted you’ll probably know what I’m going to write next before I do.

Meanwhile I am still doing the workouts and can now get my right arm behind me on my waist nearly.  This has taken some time and still hurts a lot so I only do it twice and when I do it you can see the screw in my shoulder.  Yuk.

I have, however, found a workout tailored exactly to me and I am doing it by the hour.  On one of those local community Interweb efforts someone advertised for a person to make decorations for a Halloween ball fundraiser for the local hospice, of course I volunteered and of course I started really slowly thinking a) I had plenty of time and b) I couldn’t do it.  Happily I have been creative preceded by these same thoughts exactly for decades, so now I am actually getting on with it in a panic and with a looming deadline in the normal way.  I am making possibly four big ‘cardboard pictures’ which is what I said I’d make.  I’ll show you when I get to Thursday or thereabouts.  They are huge for a miniaturist 18 inches X 30 inches.  These sizes were dictated by the size of the packaging that the backing boards and frames were made out of.  They entail a lot of stretching with both arms, so the spoken accompaniment goes ‘Ow, dunnit, ow ow no, yes, dunnit!  Ha ha.’  Last night, late, I had covered the back of Frankenstein’s monster’s head with the uber huge sticky sticky, get off get off, sticky tape and I had to reeeeeaaach to get it to the area in the centre of the picture to stick it down, so I just did.  Crafting through gritted teeth but I did it.  I even got it stuck in the right place.

Pics later, I’m off to do a workout because now my legs are seizing up.


Life is art, art is life.

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