Rice paper

When I was a child rice paper was the stuff you found on the bottom of macaroons.  My Aunt (the one who was the fabulous patissier, which in the North East in the Fifties was pronounced: good at cakes) made wonderful macaroons – crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside and an almond on the top.  These days they are pronounced macarons and come in strange colours and have too much filling in a taste you can’t quite indentify.  They are much smaller, less satisfying and much more fattening because they come in boxes of twelve.  The macaroons my Aunt made were put away after tea, in a tin, on a high shelf.  Food in general was cleared away in this manner in the days when not everyone had a fridge but I do remember being allowed to eat the leftover rice paper.

The rice paper I used to cover the scrapbook box is a different proposition, I wouldn’t eat it, I don’t think it’s edible. But it is very pretty.  You do need to get a grip on yourself to rip it up for decoupage.

I first came across craft rice paper when the use of it was demonstrated by Leonie Pujol, the artist who currently works on craft TV channel Hochanda.  www.hochanda.com   She has two hours on her own, called Let Leonie Loose, demonstrating amazing stuff on a Wednesday.  The hours (British time) are 11am and 2pm.  You can watch previous shows on the Rewind facility.

I will be glued to this week’s offering if my hospital appointment is finished in time because this week unprinted rice paper is one of the featured products.  I have already sent for mine, naturally.  Leonie went on a course in foreign abroad to learn how to use the beautiful Stamperia papers and has subsequently held workshops and may do so again, read all about it at www.leoniepujol.com

Meanwhile, if you are bursting to have a go, the British online retailer  www.daliartmarket.co.uk is the stockist for the Stamperia products; be warned this is one of those sites at which you will spend hours window shopping, if you are arty, and you are likely to want everything.

Having read my own writing I’ve had an epiphany – it’s the fridge that is making me fat!

For many years my Aunt only had a larder and she was tiny.  When I lived in Aylesbury I had a fridge and a larder and I was quite slim.  Once I moved here and got a fridge freezer – pow!  Instant weight gain. (Over twenty years).  (The weight gain was so distressing I was obliged to console myself with chocolate)  (And cakes)

It’s probably just as well you can’t eat the arty type of rice paper, I’d be found with all paint, no decoupage and a partly chewed cherub stuck to my face.


If you have glue all over your fingers chocolate buttons are the best bet because you can tip them in, out of the packet and not get chocolate on your work, either. ( This is for information only.)

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Hi, similar effects as on the sarcophagus can be made by painting the card with a thin layer of PVA and then placing tissue paper (whatever colour you want) on the surface and lightly scrunching the tissue with your fingers, it can be layered up to get the effect you want. Let it dry! It can then be coloured with inks, paints (Not too wet) metallic rubs, foils etc worth an experiment as is a cheap option if on a tight budget.

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