The Min.

In a week and three days it will be Miniatura at the NEC.

I stopped telling you all about it in advance in a superstitious way because as soon as I did something occurred and I was unable to be there.  It was nothing minor, it was cancer and broken arms.

On Friday it’s the funeral of my cousin and the following Friday I’ll be setting up at the NEC.

Miniatura has become one of those events that will happen regardless, like Christmas, a tax return, another birthday and rain.  In a world gone crackers and nuts and all wrong, something so enduring is a source of calm and comfort.

It is, reliably, more than you can see in a day if you want to see every artefact on every table.

It has, reliably, something to make you think: Well, I can do that, something to make you think: I might be able to do that with help and something you know you could never make in a million years with all the help in the world because the thing is just mind blowingly wonderful and art and tiny.

It will, reliably, make your feet tired.

There will definitely be things you want  to buy, there will also be things you just have to have and things you would like if you won the lottery.

There will be lovely people you want to hug.

There will not be someone there who you were hoping to buy from last time but forgot in the rush.  If you want it and you see it you should get it, always.

You will have to waste time eating, sitting down and going to the toilet.

There will be someone whose guts you hate because they have made something fantastic that you wish you had made but didn’t think of it.

You will, reliably, go home spent up, absolutely knackered and totally inspired.

When you get home you will sit with your feet right up and go through all the little paper bags and feel ludicrously happy, until you remember the item you meant to buy but got distracted and then you will start the shopping list for next show (only six months to go.)

I love Miniatura.  In a world gone mad, with people missing and bits dropped off, it is a day or two of completely reliable happiness.

I’ll see you there.  October 5th and 6th NEC, Birmingham, UK.

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