Spring in the air.

Or, more precisely, Spring Miniatura, now only two weeks away.

This time in two weeks I’ll be just about thinking of packing it all away until next time.  That is, unless Corona virus has other ideas.  If you are travelling from a distance for the show, please keep an eye on the Miniatura blog at www.miniatura.co.uk   At present all is set for the show to go ahead, but if the situation changes, or the government is obliged to shut down public gatherings, the Miniatura blog will be the place to find out what is happening.

At the NEC, as far as exchange of germs goes, this would be the show to ask the stand holder to pick items up to show you.  If you are bringing children, keep an eye on them.  Frequent hand washing is the best way to limit the spread of germs and using plenty of paper hankies, there are always lots of lined bins at the NEC. The OH, previously a microbiologist, has ordered a big bottle of the active ingredient in hand sanitiser, which I will be using a lot.  I will show you the dolls, I will put them in containers as usual, so you can be sure you are taking germ free people home with you.

And here the new ones are, so far.

P3080773 (2)

As you can see, after many requests, I finally got round to the 48th scale fairies.

These dolls are small.  Most are just over an inch tall, which isn’t very tall at all.  Look-


There are fairy men and ladies, there’s a Tudorish girl and a couple of boys in patterned trousers.

I know there have been requests for dolls to go into mushrooms and other fairy places, though they do all get on together and will happily live anywhere.  Well, they’ve been living in a box in a house full of builder’s rubble for six months, so I think anywhere you can provide would be an improvement.

P3080780 (2)

The red haired fairy looks very grumpy.  There’s a fairy grandpa too, behind the fairy girl in yellow.

If you have any other quarter scale requests, please email me. I am currently dressing in the front bedroom.  I usually dress at the dining room table but it is suffering from builders, like the rest of the house, and the room I have made to do it all in is far from ready, but I have a table in a quiet room where I can shut the door and I’m off there right now.


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