More Min

More 48th.  I have turned to the dark side, well darkish, rain later, by the looks of it.

P3090777 (2)

Ha! Vot haff ve here?

This is Viscount Viktor Vanilla, the vegan vampire and some virgins from the village!

(Actually, come to think of it, for a more realistic mittel European accent, you should probably pronounce the Vs as Ws, so it would be Wicount Wiktor Wanilla, the wegan wampire and some wirgins from the willage.)

Young Ladies

Wendy (or possible Vendy) on the left, in pink, is 6.  She likes skipping and ice cream.

Doris (no, sorry, just Doris) is 8 and wants a pony.

Fangs ain’t what they used to be.

More tomorrow


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