Flying tonight

P3100780 (2)

The very small vampires are definitely taking off.

P3100785 (2)

Lola Granola, Baron Banana, Marshall Minestrone, and Capitaine Corli Flower are off for a fly around the forest, a walk awound the willage and a go into the green grocer’s to get grapes.

Lola Granola can be spotted stepping into the supermarket to see some seereal.

P3100787 (2)

To be fair this is very surreal too.

These dolls are so small you could clean your teeth with them.

P3100789 (2)

Though I don’t recommend it.

I do recommend having no truck with reality, go miniature, it’s good for you.

You already have?  Well good for you.

P3100786 (2)

More tomorrow, electricians permitting (they will be here at eight AM promptly, with tools and wire.)  How much I’ll get done tomorrow, anyone’s guess, and after that I’m laying lino, and if I’m tired enough, laying on lino, I shouldn’t be surprised.


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