Soothingly boring.

During the current difficulties, as promised, I shall endeavour to produce blogs rather more regularly than hitherto.

Today I wonder if you could assist me in choosing a colour to paint the walls and ceiling of the hall, stairs and landing?

For some reason, which completely escapes me, other than advancing age, the only colours the OH and I could agree upon for the new bathroom floor and utility floor have been white.  Yes, who has a white floor in a room which people are going to drip upon?

Us.  We do.  I agreed.  And you thought I was sensible.

Therefore there will be highly patterned carpet in a  dirt colour on the floor of the halls and the stairs and so we are going to have a bright colour on the walls, which will be good as there is a dearth of windows in the new build, though we do have sun tunnels.

Sun tunnels are portholes on the roof connected via a flimsy silver paper tube to the portholes in the ceiling of the corridor and bathroom two, neither of which have windows.  They produce light but only when the sun is out.

So we need the walls to be bright.

We’re thinking white.

No, I don’t know what’s wrong with us either.

Question is, which white?

When we arrived in this house. some thirty three years ago. shades of white had just been invented by paint manufacturers and were selling like tins of paint.  We had apple white in the lounge, barley white on the bedroom ceiling and I think pot of paint white in the little bedroom.

This time round I’m looking for a white that won’t show the dirt.

I’m thinking: gravy white, shoe sole white, old tree white, ten-year-old vest white, soil white, elderly face cloth white with a hint of towel, and, for the really dark places, chewing gum white with a suggestion of glue.

Any opinions?

Tomorrow – what colour to paint the window glass for extra darkness at night and interestingly different places to lay a carpet.


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