A bit yuk

This posting is unlikely to be a laugh a minute, unless you have a very strange sense of humour.

I’ve had my old trouble back, took to my bed feeling awful and had problems at both ends in a way that is revolting and slimming at the same time.

But, thank goodness, having had a diagnosis, I know this is due to my intestines being knotted up with scar tissue, so I am not worrying that it is something else.  There was an item on the news today that enquiries about possible cancers are down.  It can’t be that a major killer has suddenly taken a holiday when it affects one in two of the population.  It could be that people are frightened to go to the doctors, who might send them to the hospital, where they are frightened to go.

I am so lucky to be in remission, I am so lucky to have had my cancer when I did.  I’m glad you’re still there to read this, I’m glad I’m still here to write it.

You and I, we are the lucky ones.

We are the lucky ones who will continue to thank our lucky stars every day when this is over.

We must not be dissatisfied with our lot ever again, if we did not have to fight for breath, if we did not have to help those fighting for breath, if we did not lose anyone we loved to this virus, we are lucky, we are grateful, we are blessed.

I’m off to see if I can keep a cup of tea down.  Lucky if it goes down, slimmer if it comes back up. Win-win.


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