Caution wet paint.

I should have known, I should jolly well have known.  For the benefit of non British readers, we have a lovely weather tradition here, whereby during the last weeks of June and the first week of July it is hot and sunny.  This is so newspapers and TV weather persons can forecast a barbeque summer and students can swot for and sit exams in paroxysms of hay fever.  Third week of July i.e. nowish, the weather breaks up just as the schools are doing the same so that children imprisoned in the wet can drive their parents crackers.

The weather traditionally returns to hot and sunny as the schools go back, second week of September.  So, until then, I shall get on with the painting.  Not the fence, because I am the person who bought fence paint last week in the hot spell and planned to slap it on there yesterday as the rain began.  What I’m going to do in the wet is miniature painting.  I promised I would during the health scare but all I did was sit around and worry.  I am pronounced normal with a heart murmur but loads of people have one of them, so I’ll carry on working out as I have for the last ten years, once I get up to speed again; right now and for the next few days or even a couple of weeks I’m going to immerse myself in paint.  Postings may be erratic, as the muse strikes.

Ah, the great British summer.  Ideal time to enjoy the great indoors!

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