This is the post I’m too tired to post.

Half way through the morning yesterday the S&H rang to ask if they could pop in for a speed visit.

How lovely.  I ran around vacuuming everything, tidied up all the junk and then quickly made some dinosaur cakes and some Paw Patrol cakes.  I would have to say, unexpected visitors are much less stressful since the house makeover.  Having a place for everything and a room for whatever I’m making, with a door that can be shut, is much less panic inducing than living in a little dump.

The family had been to the Christmas markets in Birmingham and popped in on the way home.

In the following two and a half hours there was: four minutes on the naughty step, eight rides in the lift, three goes of Henry the vacuum cleaner upstairs, three goes of Henry the vacuum cleaner downstairs, a Christmas card, an explanation of how to make more, ten photographs, one demonstration of how to cut down a perennial sunflower, tea and cake or fizzy pop in spiral straw glasses, burps, a railway, four adults trying to turn the train off, a look at a telescope, half a chapter of a Horrible Henry book, the choosing of four more books to take home, almost building an aerodrome, more vacuuming, a temper tantrum (I really must stop doing that), demonstrations of how very difficult astronomy is, small presents (just a pterodactyl), retrieval of scattered socks, one last go in the lift, OK one more and this is the last, into the car, copious tears (not to worry you’ll be back for Christmas any minute now) and a wave bye bye.

So most of today was spent falling asleep in front of the computer with every intention of doing something.

When ageing pop stars marry young arm candy girls, I do so laugh, when what follows is a second family in your seventh or eighth decade.

Grandchildren are lovely in every way, including on the way home.



Apologies if you tried to find me earlier today and couldn’t do so.  The host, WordPress has been having technical difficulties, more about this tomorrow.

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