Housewives Real Treasure. Late December Edition.

Hello Readers!

Angelica, your Editor here!  My Goodness!  What a packed fortnight it has been!  Next issue will be the Christmas Edition!  How quickly it comes round! It seems like only twelve months since we were telling you what to do with leftover turkey and how to pack your baubles away and here we are (nearly) all getting them out again.

On page 97 our wonderful wool department can be found with instructions on how to macramé eight matching flower pot holders to use as drinks containers or as holders for pots.  These look very festive in red, though done in orange will bring the Halloween drinks holders tally up to a cheerful sixteen!

The centre pull-out section is all about how to choose, wrap and gift footballs, for the men in your life, or the sporty teenage girl.  What sixteen year-old would not like her own football? The pull-out team have pink glittery balls and collapsible goal posts with attractive macramé decorations, which, done in orange, will perfectly co-ordinate with the Halloween scarves, four issues ago.

We are all glad most of the team are back in the office, despite lockdowns and working from home and have a Family Firework purchasing advice article to celebrate.

As always the Final Word is something funny from Noel, who this issue is writing humorously about choosing a roller blind but we kick off with a three page spread on the latest version of Upcycling. Yes! Repurposing comes to HRT. Enjoy!



Repurposing in the Twenties.

Look around you.  What can you see in the house that is looking a little tired and could do with repurposing? Not got a clue?  Don’t worry the team is on hand.  We have all been busy beavering away.  Every team member has repurposed a common household item from their own homes (because at HRT we like to Get Real for the Readers.)

As you can see Beverley has repurposed unused gravy browning to dye her white macramé socks brown to go with her new trousers.  Stylish!  Beverley recommends varnishing the socks to make them waterproof, so they are washable! Stylish and practical Beverley!

You would never guess these stylish brown lampshades are in fact, repurposed macramé pot holders dyed with gravy browning.  On a safety note, they hold well away from the lightbulbs because they have been varnished!  Nice touch Beverley!

These side plates have been repurposed as dinner plates by simply making a plaster mould, casting a ceramic hole, attaching it to the rim of the side plate with slip, firing in the kiln to biscuit, glazing with a glaze made from gravy browning, re-firing and painting with daisy sprigs to match.  Next issue Duncan will demonstrate throwing ceramic mugs to fit your macramé pot holders.

Savoury nibble cakes made from repurposed gravy browning.


Half a lb. gravy browning.

4oz. plain flour.

Some sugar off the staff tea tray.

Fifteen tiny packets of hotel butter.

Half a tube of mints.


Crush the mints, unwrap the butter pats, stir everything together in the cachepot from the pot plant, spread the mixture on the back of a file folder and put in an oven for quite a while.

Serving suggestion.

Tip out, cut up and put on a plate.

Eat them or repurpose as floor tiles.

A reader writes.

I am very interested in this idea and would like to repurpose my husband, if the team have any advice?

The team reply.

We have asked around the office.  The general consensus seems to be that if your husband is tall and can stand still, he could probably be repurposed as an uplighter.  Thread the electrical lead down his trouser leg and under the rug.  You could also paint his shirt to match the wall.

Acknowledgements this issue – thanks to United Gravy Browning Inc for the donation, to the Greater Manchester Wool Spinners and Dyers for String and to High Street Games Ltd for footballs.

The team hope Jackie Biscuit, the cookery editor, who is quarantined in Dubai, will be home soon.


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