Housewives Real Treasure–Easter edition.

Welcome reader to the HRT Easter edition.

Angelica, your editor here. First a little notelet of warning, you may be a tad late getting your copy as our usual distributor is embroiled in the current van driver’s dispute and won’t be loading the copies on to the vans until the Industrial Action is resolved.  But here at HRT we don’t let such trifles get us down.

We have some cracking! egg articles.  Jackie has some great Easter Makes for us in the kitchen- iced biscuits in the shape of Santa stockings – without a special cutter! How clever is that!  There are fruit cake buns with snowman icing, which will turn out quite like the drawing, if you use your imagination and we know how imaginative our reader can be. The iced advent calendar is really something, as the artist’s impression indicates.

Please do send us pictures of your Easter Makes, we will award a prize of three years’ supply of icing sugar to the best fifteen and we will publish every picture.

Finally if any reader has a working camera that they don’t need, we’d be grateful for a donation.

On with the eggs!

Happy Easter


Knitted winter boots.

(This is the end of the article from issue 97 that was chopped off the bottom of the page when the cutting machine malfunctioned at the printers. Thanks to all the readers who drew our attention to this.  The editor apologises unreservedly.  The postal address of the magazine will appear in the next issue but one, the phone number is not the same, please do not ring the old number, which now belongs to the new takeaway on Wold Street.  The cutter has been mended but future editions will be an inch shorter and the page ends may be missing a

Turn the heel into the toe and finish off.  Finally an autumn themed pumpkin decoration is embroidered round the welt as shown in the photograph.*

Macramé Christmas stockings.

Beverley here with some easy stockings to macramé while you are waiting for the great day!

42 square knots, in a line, ideally with red thread.  41 horizontal half hitch for fifteen rows.  Two rows of decorative

Christmas centre plates.

Throw six flat-rimmed plates to your desired size, allowing for 12% kiln shrinkage.  Dry three days.  Fire to biscuit.  Glaze using food safe glaze and decorate with Christmas themes as in the photograph.  These are my own designs which I have given to the magazine, which took me three weeks to do.  I am a potter, not some poncey picture painter.  You can copy them but only for your own use, if I see these at some craft fair I will sue.  You can depend upon it.

Happy Christmas from Duncan.

In keeping with our Easter theme here is a little how-to on boiling

Easter fashions.

Here are some wonderful pictures we managed to upload before the camera got squashed.

Here is Beverley behind the huge bowl of Easter punch.  Beverley is wearing a red semi-cashmere scarf (£12.99 Barganz Galore, corner of the High Street),  a blue charity shop puffa jacket, her own boots, a macramé jumper (Pattern issue 56) embroidered nipple covers and a macramé bracelet (Pattern issue 34).

Duncan is sitting in the corner holding a mug he threw himself, wearing brown semi-cashmere gloves (£6.50 Barganz Galore, corner of the High Street), a jumper (watch out for the January issue’s articles on how to get clay out of anything without clogging the washing machine by guest contributor, Duncana) and trousers, we hope.  (Hard to see under the clay.)

Jackie is sitting on the settee wearing a festive red tent dress (£532.65 MassiveModes) pink suedette boots (  Hair done by KerlUpNShade back of Pizzer’s Alley and the Jolly Drunk.

I am taking the picture but you can see my thumb!

Here is the editor’s secretary, Mary, in a top from a shopping channel, jeans which you can see through the half-empty punch bowl and Santa socks (£12.99 down the market.)  She is holding a megamug thrown by Duncan (instructions in issue 22 and handy list of industrial kiln hirers).

Duncan’s hair by KerlUpNShade.

The large punch bowl is actually a kiddies rigid paddling pool, (£14.99 HomeWares4U), soup ladle (HomeWares4U) turkey baster (Cookery editor’s own) plastic bucket with dolphin decoration (£5.99 HomeWares4U), lemon- editor’s own.

Fashionable pic of a corner of the office ceiling.  Fashion shot, the soles of Mary’s shoes.  Fashion shot – something.

That’s it for now, look out for our Early Summer Break edition.

*The editor wishes to apologise for the lack of pictorial content in this issue, we do hope the four page fashion spread made up for it.  Once again, all camera donations gratefully received, especially any that can talk to an Acorn Electron, or a word processor.

Iced biscuits in the shape of Santa stockings.

Make your own who gives


HRT magazine is indebted to Market Drayton Sugarcane storage facility trading as Fluffy Rugs Ltd Balsover Road, for the donation of two pallets of icing sugar, and the Wendover Water company and fizzy drinks Ltd. for warehouse space.


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