A step back.

A brief posting all about me, me, me, for which I apologise.  I’ve had a bit of a setback health wise, which needs recovering from.

I have started putting the library out on the drive again on fine days.  Our drive slopes downwards to the garage, which is upwards to the corner where I put the cart with the library on it.  I haven’t counted but there might be about a hundred books on the cart, which together is a heavy load.  In the middle of last week, pushing the load upwards I felt something go ‘ping’.

At a similar time I ate a foolish meal of sweetcorn and edamame beans, not many, just microwaved, no fancy sauces or anything.  This is all fibre and hard to digest.

I don’t know which occurrence got to me but by Thursday I was in pain with a massive stomach and back ache which I never have.

So, one way and another, I’m just on a bit of a go slow until I recover.  Today as I write I’m dressed to work out but it will only be until I think I have to stop.

It is 16 weeks since surgery, which you might think is enough to be running up mountains in an apron singing that the hills are alive but apparently not.  Round here the hills are still steep, as is the drive.

Yesterday at my request the OH inflated the tyres of my cart with the heavy compressor inherited from my father.  It is a wonderful thing, which I don’t think he had ever used.  He probably just wanted a compressor, which is quite understandable.  I think this will make a difference to the ease of heft, meanwhile I am clearing the decks for doll pouring, which requires hours of standing and is always very enjoyable.

It is an amazement to be able to make in a durable form an artefact which you have designed from an idea in your head and, as soon as I stop going ‘ooh’ when I stand up or eat, I’ll be on it.


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