More dolls in the shop.

There are more dolls in the shop, returned from their holiday in Birmingham.  There are also some paintings.  Twenty fourth scale will reappear in the shop tomorrow and then I’ll start photographing the new dolls and paintings and some items that have previously only appeared in this column.  Far be it from me to utter the C word, however, if you are doing a bit of present shopping I’ll try to get as much as possible in the shop this week, as early as I can.P1010040

So do keep checking back, it takes half an hour at least to photograph each item and put it through all the processes so you can zoom in.  I shall also be using a new camera, so the possibility of errors embedded in  the component situated between the floor and the shutter release are increased, however, the pixels will be greater in number, so you’ll be able to see the miniatures even more clearly.P1010006

So stay tuned, there is good stuff on the way. – lovely collectable miniatures.

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