Midweek Miniatura

In only a month it’s spring Miniatura.

Just in case anyone, anywhere, on the web hasn’t heard of this, perhaps I should tell you that Miniatura is the favourite show and exhibition for miniature art, collectables and future antiques and best dolls’ house hobby exposition in the world. It isn’t just me that holds this rather extreme opinion, exhibitors and collectors from all over the globe agree so heartily they flock to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham where the show is held twice a year. In the case of the exhibitors, in their hundreds and in the case of visitors in their thousands.

Competition to exhibit is fierce; standing behind a table with your own miniature art is in itself an accolade. Moreover, as every classification of artistic endeavour has several proponents, there is everything at every price to suit the pocket of every visitor.  As it’s the National Exhibition Centre, visitors passing through Birmingham via the airport (which is next door to the showground) often take in a random show and accidentally start an entire new hobby.

There are also seasoned miniaturists with lengthy and very specific shopping lists, who have been known to run through the doors in a manner more usual in racehorses than genteel shoppers.  These razor sharp collectors will be thrilled to visit the new, improved Miniatura website.  If you haven’t been yourself, I’d recommend it.  There are now articles about the hobby which will be updated on a monthly basis.  Hot news is that the exhibitor listing for the spring show is already there in an enhanced format with gallery or website access for exhibitors within the list.  This is going to be such a help if you are new to the hobby, you can do a bit of online research and arrive fully informed.  With several hundred tables of miniatures, each of which would be a full size shop if magically zoomed up, anything that assists with the lists is helpful.

There will be new exhibitors to see at the show.  If you’re an old hand can you pick them out of the list?  You could cheat by clicking on the sub heading ‘Imagination’ on the home page to meet three at once.

Among the favourite regulars you’ll find Josephine Parnell.  She’ll be taking bears as dressed dolls’ house residents.  I’ll rephrase that: Josephine will be taking bear house residents that look like this:

Edwardian Lady 1Maid 1

Josephine has been running workshops at Miniatura for a long time.  If the thought of making a tiny teddy bear that you could make disappear simply by closing your hand over it, from a kit, appeals to you, all you have to do is find Josephine at the show, wait until there is a space and have a go.  It costs nothing to try but if you wish to keep the bear you’ve made or started to make, the cost is £5.  The bear kits (and the bear you make) will look like this:

workshop Bear

Many miniature bear makers started with one of Josephine’s kits; you don’t have to be a sewing genius at all.  Though I have every expectation that you will feel like one when you’ve finished.  I made one years ago, which I was so proud of, it never made it to a dolls’ house, instead it lives on top of a full sized bookcase.

There will be more demonstrations, workshops, things to see and do, collect, enjoy and be amazed at.  If you are an  ambitious visitor who would like to see everything, I’d strongly recommend the weekend ticket.

More marvellous miniature makers, many miraculous masterpieces, molto magnifico minis make up mext week’s midweek Miniatura, miss it, miss out, meet me, Mrs Microcosm for much more mext mWednesday.




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