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Starting tomorrow, very excitingly, will be a mini series- ette all about one forty eighth scale dolls houses. (Which is to say one forty eighth life size.) The information will be published here each Wednesday for the benefit of miniaturists who had become used to reading about Miniatura every Wednesday and are now having withdrawal symptoms.

As I indicated a few postings ago, a new category has appeared in the shop for other scales, one of which will be one forty eighth.  It is becoming increasingly possible to make a proper dolls house with all the fixings in this scale.  What I have discovered to be missing I intend to make in porcelain.  To this end I will make three dolls houses simultaneously whilst balancing a seal playing a trumpet on the end of my nose.*

So, starting tomorrow, tune in every Wednesday for a little excitement about a little something we could all have a go at for not much money.  I’ll tell you where to shop on the net for the bits, when my contributions are ready I’ll put them in the shop and with a little bit of shopping at real pocket money prices, you could have a whole dolls house made and filled by next Miniatura.  I’ll show you cheap or free ways of making items for the house, which when finished, need only take up as much room as a paperback book.

If you’d like to get ahead of the game, the items to assemble before you start on the house are PVA or tacky glue that dries clear,  off cuts of mounting board or thick card, a good strong craft knife and start collecting patterned paper now.  Look for tiny patterns in wrapping paper, inside envelopes, as backing papers for card making, in photographs of full sized rooms and anywhere else you can think of.  Start collecting acetate from packaging (for windows) and, if you already are a miniaturist, search through the wood box for the thin and weedy bits, if you are not see if you can find some wooden cocktail sticks.

See you tomorrow!

*The bit about the seal may not be strictly accurate.  In fact it’s a lie.  The rest is true, however.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ – full of inspiration.

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