Gone fishing.

Well not really, I wouldn’t do that to a fish.  What I have done fairly ceaselessly for the last fortnight is gardening.  Readers out side the UK will be unaware that we have just had a fortnight of the sort of weather we usually only get in August.  There hasn’t been a drop of rain and the nights have been mild.  As a result I’m about a month ahead with the gardening.  I thought this year I might, possibly, have a garden party.  The other half had his significant birthday, one of those with an 0 on the end, on St George’s day and I’ll be having mine on the same day as Tony Blair, as usual.  We had thought to hire somewhere and have a do but after doing the kitchen, the rewiring and so on last year and the roof the year before we are utterly skint.

But if I get the garden into shape and the weather continues good, I could do a buffet in the shed, which is finally finished, and if I cooked it all it wouldn’t cost much.

So 48th scale is suspended until it rains, which probably won’t be that long.  This is still Britain after all, though the last two weeks have been quite surprising.  Two bank holidays back to back, a Royal wedding in April, in good weather, the fortnight before May frost free and sunny and a major cause of terror and misery on the planet finally swimming with the fishes.

Turned out nice again; back indoors when it rains.


JaneLaverick.com – in the sunshine.

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