Ways to make the new year happy.

At the start of each day be glad you woke up.  It’s an opportunity.

If you have a window, look out of it, if you can see that means your eyes are working.

If the sky above your bit of the planet is raining, think of the flowers and plants that will be nourished by the rain.  If the sun is shining, think of the vitamin D it will make in your skin.

If you know you will see another human this morning, you’ll have someone to talk to.  If you won’t see someone, you have the places you visit on the Internet; you could email me.

Try to smile at somebody every day, especially if it’s you in the mirror.

Be glad of easily obtained, clean water to wash in and a choice of clothes to put on, neither of which have been usual for most of history up to now and still are not for many people.

If you have something to do today be glad of the purpose, enjoy the task and be grateful you have the physical and mental resources to tackle the job.  If you have nothing to do today, that’s a holiday – people with something difficult to do today wish they were you.

If you have something nice to eat that you like and sufficient food try to remember that we still haven’t managed to feed the world, which makes you and me the lucky ones.

If you are free, you have the opportunity to change your life.  If you changed one thing every day, by this time next year your life would be completely different.

A contributory factor to happiness is a good night’s sleep and the key to sleep is fresh air and exercise, we know when we are very young how to run around and be tired by bedtime, all we have to do is remember.

At the end of the day be pleased with the new things you learned, the old skills you refined by practise and the wisdom that the day has added to you.  If nothing bad happened; you had a good day, give thanks for that.  If bad things happened they are now in the past of the day that is ending; tomorrow will be a new day.  Relax every part of your body and mind, breathe in and out and sleep.

At the start of the next day be glad you woke up.

It’s an opportunity.


JaneLaverick.com wishing you a happy new year.

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