I’m a little sew and sew.

I so am.

I’m absolutely loving sewing for the 48th scale dolls, now I’ve got my eye in.  If you’ve miniaturised anything, you’ll know the importance of getting your eye in,  Until you do, no matter how clever you are, it just won’t look right.  Once you are tuned into a scale, providing you have the right materials, you’ll be OK.

This time round I simply couldn’t have done it without the Langley Threads Superfine Silk.  Doing ‘normal’ sewing for 12th and 24th scale dolls, I use Gutterman sewing thread, which is very reliable.  In this scale it’s just so big, I’ve been able to use it for corset lacings.


The great strong lacings on her leather waistcoat (and external corset) are ordinary Gutterman machine twist.  I know they look gigantic, they do on the red doll too.


In fact they look even bigger on the red leather waistcoat.

One of the features of digital cameras is that your work, seen through the extraordinary magnification, is horribly highlighted in a way not available to the naked eye, or even one with its contact lenses in and its specs on.

Having finished and photographed two I was beginning to doubt myself, so, for the third I put the reel of ordinary thread and a needle in the picture.


I rest my case and also my eyes, stopping only to note that what you couldn’t see anywhere, were the Langley Threads, yet every sleeve and petticoat bottom is hemmed with them.  On the yellow doll you can just see where I’ve blanket stitched the neck edge with them.

Pretty good stuff, I’d say.



More pictures of the titchy to follow as I finish them.


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