Sweating the small stuff, again.

There’s a lot of that going on right now, so this will largely be a posting of pictures.  I am now dressing the flexible dolls.  They can  sit, stand, kneel, bend over and so on, even though they are only this tall.


That’s not tall at all and, what is more, like the gentleman from Devizes, I have them in different sizes.


It became apparent, early on in this particular bit of miniaturising the world and everything in it, that 48th scale houses were going to be as much of a moveable feast as any other scale.  Which either proves that builders make houses according to the bit of wood they pick up, or that the whole thing is art, or, that you get big uns and little uns in real life too.


As you may or may not be able to tell by my hand behind the men in jumpers, I am one of the little ones.

And, as I keep telling you, I could not have done any of this dressing without the help of the little reels of thin, thin, Superfine Silk.


If you don’t buy anything else at the show buy a reel of that and take it home and sew with it and be amazed.

So, that’s all for today.  To sum up:


The dolls are porcelain, some are flexible, they come in different sizes, so there will be one to fit your house.  Next time, with a bit of luck, I’ll show you all 70 together that have taken me about 8 months from thinking to putting on the table and


a big thank you to Langley Threads because what miniaturists need most, are other miniaturists to help them do it.  (I know where there’s a room full, I’ll tell you all about it on Wednesday!)


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