Endweek Miniatura–we’re off!

I am just in the final stages of finishing and packing.  I have dressed the six 48th scale children that came all the way through all the processes.  I finished and endomed one of them before she got photographed but here are the others.


All girls, I’ll try to do boys next time.  Well, really I’ll try to do more dolls.  The parts of these are so tiny getting one arm demoulded without it crumbling to nothing, and rubbed down without it breaking and pierced for the wire is in the lap of the gods.  A few broke when I put the jointing wire through and I lost one arm when dressing, it just snapped.  So. like many miniaturists, these are the survivors of life and very splendid they are too.


They are £16 each and should probably cost a lot more, all things considered, so it’s a first come first served situation.  They’ll be on the stand with the others.  Here it is


I began modelling the masters for these, I think about last June, you’ll be able to find out by looking back in the archives, to the right.  There are 20 ish different dolls and 74 dolls on this stand.  This is what ten months work looks like.

I’m off to finish dressing a couple of 12th scale and then do the packing.


I haven’t even got time to write: see you there.

(But I will, if you go, I’m stand B1 by the entrance, if you haven’t been before but found the show through this blog, please come and tell me so.  I’ll be the short, tired looking one.)


JaneLaverick.com – knackered.

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