A rose by any other name……

I have updated the links to include the new web address of Julie Campbell.  Julie, who has traded for some time as Bellabelle dolls has now decided to trade under her own name.  Whilst this link


will take you to the site, where you will find her not living in the forest under the name of Sanders but living on her own website under her own name, you’ll notice that the old URL is still showing.  There are all sorts of good reasons for this, I wish I understood them, but the main thing to notice is that it’s still Julie, whatever it’s saying.

Julie, as I’m sure you recall, was the creator of a doll that is still starring in an advertisement on television,


and therefore can claim to be very famous as millions of people have seen her doll.

Julie’s dolls are very individual, being hand sculpted and often feature the more unusual in the form of witches, ghosts and other fantasy figures.  Julie, who exhibits around the UK, is at seven fairs this year and can be found at Autumn Miniatura, where I’ll try to catch up with her and show you the latest dolls.


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