Autumn Miniatura.

The show does go on and will go on despite everything that’s happened to me lately.  It is a show and the show goes on.

Autumn Miniatura will be at the NEC Birmingham on September 22nd and 23rd full details at as always.  If I get a moment or two. I’ll try to find out what’s occurring from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

What’s occurring with me is the finding, two minutes ago, of half a mouse on the patio and the realisation when disposing of same that the dustbin is full of maggots.

This is what comes of trying to run two houses in two different locations.  There is a bit in the bible that says: no man can have two masters either he will hate the one and love the other or be devoted to the one and rubbish the other.  It says in Matthew, verse something, approximately.

I would like also to posit that no woman can look after two houses and that while she is painting the door at her mother’s house, maggots will be occurring in the bin at her own home, or while she is picking up the half mice off the patio at her own home she will not have time to find out if her mother managed to get to the doctor by taxi or not.  Also, not being there, she cannot remind her mother to tell the doctor that her mother’s toes have started crossing spontaneously, although, as she has already told the doctor about the rash on her mother’s leg, by telephone (the telling, not the incidence of the rash) she has reason to hope the doctor has the wit to cast his eyes downwards and notice the toes of his own volition.

There is the matter of the cleaning.  For, whilst the woman is defrosting a freezer in Cheltenham which has been a solid block of ice for a couple of years, abandoned to history like Scott of the Antarctic, her fridge in Warwick, left in charge of two men is filling with partially eaten, uncovered food and all the mould thereof.  Also a woman cleaning a shower in Cheltenham will still have two toilets in Warwick to scrape the muck off, being she ever so tired and all.

And the shopping.  For lo she will think she has something for in for tea suitable for a Celiac vegetarian and she has but it is in the wrong town.  This will leave her eating the only gluten free thing in her mother’s freezer, which was potato waffles, to a chorus of ‘Oh Jane!  How unhealthy!  That is only carbohydrate!  And you so fat!”

Yes indeed, how true the bible, no woman can look after two houses fifty miles apart.  Except that, of course, I will have to for the next few years.

And I will be at Miniatura.  How glad I am that for the last twenty years I have made stock, regardless of whether  I was selling it or not.  And, of course, in the matter of two houses, as I have been a miniaturist for more than quarter of a century, I’m used to having several houses on the go.  All I’ve got to do is scale up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – challenged as owt.

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