I regret to say this site has been hacked.  If you logged on earlier today and found an unsuitable picture and a web site reference purporting to be from somewhere in Turkey, that was it.  The hacker used a programme to hack in and was not clever himself.

Unfortunately he deleted the shop, which is currently my only source of income and for which we cannot find the backup.

However, I wish to reassure you that if you have ever bought anything from here, you are not at risk in any way.  We do not keep your details, they’re only there while you’re typing them in and go through various levels of security before they reach me, with your bank card details removed, so I never see them.  We set this up so a hacker cannot ever get at you through me.

But he has got to me.  Quite why anyone would wish to inflict further misery on me who has read my blog, I cannot say.

This afternoon just after I discovered I’d been hacked, the carer rang to say my mother had had a fall.  She seems to be OK but I may have to go.  Replacing and rewriting the entire shop section and re-photographing everything I had in there is the work of many months, which time I do not have.

I hope whoever did this is proud of stealing the only means of earning from a pensioner, who is a carer and under investigation in two areas for possible cancer.

What sort of person would steal the livelihood from someone already under so much stress?

I believe in Karma.  I hope he does.


JaneLaverick.com – so sad.

The blog will continue, all the data for it is safe.  Reading it is not a risk.

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