As you can see I’m more back than Arnold Schwarzenegger, thanks to and my son who has worked all day, the day before his holiday, to get the shop back and working.

We are now going to back up the backups.

After a while, however, I have decided I will redesign the shop.  There are lots of new things I want to put in it and I think it might be better than the zoom tool if you had more different views of the items in the shop.  I also think you might like a wish list, one of those gizmos where you can pick out the things you fancy and line them all up when you’re trying to decide which one you want.

I am also going to redesign the postal charges to take account of the new post office sizes, this may mean more postal categories but that would be fairer and also less expensive if you only want something little.

The redesign will not be for some months, until which time I will be thinking.  This is your chance to tell me what you would like.  Please let me know what you would like, whether it’s actual things in the shop, or different organisation on the site.

The blog will continue as it is.  It will continue to be the first thing you see and I will continue to write it as often as I can for free.  I know this is not very commercial but then neither am I.

It is safe to shop in the shop as you ever did (if you ever did, if you haven’t, just click on the picture of the shop.)  No details of your method of payment can ever be accessed from this site, I still do not know what you look like, if you are rich, poor, old young, green, urban, striped, bright as a button or really hung over.

I’m just glad you’re there and I’m back!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – back, back, back.

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