Two weeks to the Min!

Crikey blimey, lor love a duck, it’s two weeks to the Min!

Despite all that has happened this year I plan to be there.  I need to be there, it’s an ocean of sanity in a sea of lunacy.  It’s one of the happiest places on earth.  It’s something lovely for you.  It’s the world’s favourite celebration of a hobby which is absorbing, stress busting and not just for you.  If you make a really good house, it’s an heirloom. But you don’t have to do anything you don’t want.  It could just be a collection of beautiful things that don’t take up much space in an overcrowded world.  It could be the hobby you keep in a box or a drawer.

If you want to join in, there is within it every craft and hobby you’ve ever tried, or meant to try, in miniature.  Everything from knitting to glassblowing is there, but small.  There is no sex discrimination; men sew, women do woodwork.  The only ism that exists is miniaturism.  You don’t have to be strong, beautiful, tall, rich, young or anything else.  You don’t even have to be human, I know plenty of cats that love dolls’ houses.  It’s a hobby you can share with any family member, old, young, straight, gay, boy, girl, overseas or same street.  Everybody gets ‘just like life but tiny.’

In the dolls’ house, no one dies, no one goes mad, there is no divorce and all the children look neat and tidy all the time.  It is life with the sharp corners rubbed down.  It is the perfectly happy family life we all want and so few people have,  Its a chance for you to call all the shots.  It’s life cooked up to your recipe.  It could be at any time in history and anywhere on or off the planet.  It can happen in four or five different scales, depending on how much room you have and because you design the whole thing, for yourself, you can never be wrong.

If you don’t have much time you can close the door on your house and it will still be waiting, exactly as you left it, whenever you have a moment.  If you have hours to fill you can do it from morning to night, and fall asleep as the dawn breaks, like Alice, with one arm up the chimney and your head in the bedroom.

It is all things to all people and always happy and never ending.  Every skill you gain you can take forward to the next house, the next scale, the next plan.  People will be amazed at your skill, you will be delighted with what you learn.  You’ll be absorbed and fascinated.  There are magazines, workshops, shows and shops all waiting to help you.  The hub of it, the nub of it, the nicest place to be in the Miniverse, the happiest day out ever and the thing to set you on the path to pleasure and delight is Miniatura at the NEC.

It’s a joy, it’s a great day out, it’s on Saturday September 21st and Sunday September 22nd 2013 at the NEC Birmingham, England (right next to the airport and the railway and car parking on site is free.)

All the details are at

See you there!


JaneLaverick,com – exhibitor.

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