Midweek Min

This is just a quick look at a thing or two.

First thing is me with some new porcelain dolls.


Here’s the infant’s dancing class, trying hard not to fall over.  These little girls in 24th scale are flexible, under 2 inches tall and cost £18.

I’ve just finished pricing the relief pictures,


they start at £5 and go up to £12 (I told you they were going to be budget collectables!)  In the picture the Falcon Inn, on top of the feather, is £12, the ship is £8 and the sheep is £6, to give you an idea.  The sheep is an inch and a quarter long and just over an inch tall.

New on the Miniatura website there are some interesting articles about artists and a printable list of exhibitors (which is really useful if you are time poor. Planning in advance really maximises your visit, it’s what I’ve done for years when trying to cover the show for magazines.)  Find it at www.miniatura.co.uk

It’s all very exciting and there’s only three days to wait!


JaneLaverick.com – hoping for the 36 hour day.


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  1. I hope you have a great time, you deserve it.
    I gave up miniaturising because life (lack of money/menopause/vampires etc) wouldn’t allow it. I still have my houses and tons of stuff packed away. Maybe I will go back…who knows! We used to have so many fairs in our area at one time, but I don’t think we have any now. Never did get to Miniatura *sigh*.
    Susan x
    PS Always loved your magazine articles.

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