Supplies and information.
a vast selesction of silk fabric for doll dressers and embroiderers.
air hardening modelling material with numerous uses.
Lesley Shepherd’s resource site for miniaturists.

Artists in all sizes.
Sally Brennan, unusual artist in full size and miniature.
An artist working in full size from his London studio.

Dolls and doll makers.
Useful site for the UK based doll enthusiast.  Many helpful sites and locations are listed.  This is the place if you have acquired an antique doll in need of repair or conseratvtion
Teresa Thompson’s cloth dolls in historical costume
Julie Campbell’s dolls, which you may recognise from a television advert.

Linda Master’s incredible custom carved matchsticks and other wonders.
Ken and Linda’s wonderful wooden turnings.
Alan’s fantastic 48th scale furniture kits and a load of other lasered lovelies.

Knitting and sewing.
Josephine’s bears as dolls’ house residents.
Miniature knitting and knitting patterns by Helena Bleeker.
Knitting and crotchet patterns to dress dolls throughout history.

General miniatures.
Wide range of nostalgic household products, handmade in miniature.

Smaller scales.
Angelas’s online shop with some very keenly priced miniatures in smaller scales.
Marilyn documents her mini building adventures. Opportunity for email notifications, as she blogs.