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Up with the owl

Are you an early riser? There’s a ton of research about the benefits of being up with the lark.  My problem is automatically waking up an hour before the alarm and then being unable to get back to sleep.  For … Continue reading

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The gasman cometh.

Do you recall a song sung by Flanders and Swan called ‘The gasman cometh?’ They started with a gas tap that wouldn’t turn on and ended by calling out every type of tradesman there is. The chorus went: Oh it … Continue reading

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New dolls are on the way. A snippet about modelling in Milliput.

I’m sorry if the postings are suffering from time slippage.  The reason is that new dolls are on the way.  Whilst this website has a representative selection of what I make, it’s not exhaustive. Many items appeared, were sold and … Continue reading

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