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Happy New Ear.

Last year was the year of ThingsGoingWrongWithTheBody.  It was not much fun.  There were a lot of bodies, absolute carnage dear heart, oh yes. Well first there was my mother’s body that conked out completely on January 20th.  The surprise … Continue reading

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Happy New Year.

A belated happy new year from me.  Thanks to the mild weather there seems to be vast numbers of horrible germs going around, plenty of which, I’ve got. And so has my mother,  Last visit, I rang her in the … Continue reading

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New new new.

There are some years we look back at with regret, sad that they are over, sad that we didn’t do more, do better, do differently, reluctant to let them slip from our grasp and become part of our personal history. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Whatever bad things happened to you in 2012 now belong to the past, which is the best present you get with a nice shiny new year.  I used to make resolutions until I realised that the next second is the … Continue reading

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