Happy New Year!

Whatever bad things happened to you in 2012 now belong to the past, which is the best present you get with a nice shiny new year.  I used to make resolutions until I realised that the next second is the only one that matters and that by investing all of your effort into just the next second, you can change your future.

I do, however, have hopes and wishes.

Along with at least half the world, I wish for women to be empowered in 2013.  I feel it is very old fashioned for anyone to be belittled, cast out, or, worse, enslaved on the grounds of sex.  We are what we think; the sooner we think we are all just people, the more of us we’ll have to help us progress.

I wish for the world to be educated at a basic level.  I hope that by the end of the year more people can add up, read simple words, write well enough to sign their name and understand what they are signing for and have a say in the way their country is governed.

I wish for freedom for all people.  I wish that the people who work hard to make the things I buy would be properly rewarded for their efforts and be choosing to do the work of their own free will.  For my part I will make sure, wherever possible, that I know about the supply chain of the things I purchase and vote for freedom every time I shop.

I hope that every day this year we will try to smile at someone we have never smiled at before.  I began this morning with a lady who was passing in the street while I was out gardening and she smiled back.  I am going to try to collect 365 new smiles this year, I hope you’ll join in.

I’m going to be doing a lot of caring this year, I hope I can find time to care for myself too.

I wish that governments around the world would help more with funding for health and especially research into diseases.  A country with mostly healthy citizens is a wealthy country, full of possibilities.

I wish people would stop fighting about religion.  Religions are ideas, it’s so silly to fight about what is in someone else’s head.

I hope people will be kinder to each other in 2013.  You just have to be nicer to the next person you speak to and smile at another stranger and bit by bit the world will be a better place in 2013.

I hope this year your wishes come true and I wish your best hopes are met and I wish for more time to write this and I hope you’ll read it and I wish you a very happy new year.


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