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Small stuff.

There has been a bit of radio silence from me because I have been sculpting.  It really is the most exhausting thing, if it’s going to be any good.  I cannot do more than four shapes in a day or … Continue reading

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Radio silence.

Apologies for the resounding radio silence and thanks to the kind readers who wrote to ask politely if I was still alive.  Thank you, I am. I spent much of January having a virus and then was back to being … Continue reading

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Sculpting silence.

Well it’s been a bit quiet round here, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.  The reason is that I’m sculpting.  It’s a very absorbing thing that I can only do a bit at a time.  I become so absorbed in a … Continue reading

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New dolls are on the way. A snippet about modelling in Milliput.

I’m sorry if the postings are suffering from time slippage.  The reason is that new dolls are on the way.  Whilst this website has a representative selection of what I make, it’s not exhaustive. Many items appeared, were sold and … Continue reading

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