Radio silence.

Apologies for the resounding radio silence and thanks to the kind readers who wrote to ask politely if I was still alive.  Thank you, I am.

I spent much of January having a virus and then was back to being catch-up carer.  Finally I have a whole week to myself and I’m doing a bit of art just for me in the course of which I’ve invented an invention (ish) to make relief pictures for card making and similar things.

In another week I’ll have to get started on Miniatura. Meanwhile, when I’ve perfected it, I’ll show you my ‘how to’ which is a thing you can join in with.  It’s not really new as such.  For some time I’ve been playing with silicone moulds that can be used with paper clay to make three dimensional motifs to be attached to greetings cards and assorted crafty surfaces.  Being me, after a few goes, I began to wonder how difficult it could be to do it myself.

For the past week or so I’ve been nobly making mistakes on your behalf and I’m nearly ready to show you how you can make 3D pictures in paper.  You are going to need paperclay, two part silicone putty and the wondrous substance Milliput without which I would never have made a doll at all.  The Milliput website, which is listed in the links and here has been refurbished and has some lovely case studies of other artists who simply cannot do without this wonder stuff.

So you might want to have a look at the other artists and lay in supplies and, possibly, seek out your favourite pictures of your children and pets, preparatory to rendering them in amazing 3D with mashed up paper.  You might find offcuts of card to be handy, so save your cereal boxes.

Back soon with the how to.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – art for all, or thereabouts.

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