Not over

Thank you for your emails and good wishes, all of which have been read but not responded to, because when I said I was back, whilst I was, it wasn’t for long.  Since then I have been back to hospital twice, once in an ambulance, vomited about five litres of black blood and had every type of scan available, drank heavy metal water, had an iodine bolus hanging off an arm and squirted blood out of my nostrils at midnight.

All of this has been happening while I have not had a bathroom and now the plumbers have done something to the stop tap which is leaking water under the expensive wood kitchen floor that now resembles a packet of curly fries.

If anyone accused of being boring, I might suggest they were on the wrong website.  You, however, are here and so am I, having just got back last night and managed to get up today and wash in a bowl.  Tomorrow I will repeat the trick, wring the plumber, and then settle down and tell you alllllll about it.

Put the kettle on, I’m back ( I hope.)


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