Catch up.

Well hello.  How strange it is to be writing this when I ought to be at the NEC in the middle of Miniatura.

I went to an altogether different show yesterday with a friend.  It is run by a TV channel and I had won tickets, several times.  Off we went to have a look and though it was nice it was not Miniatura.  The toilets were unattended and swimming by lunchtime.  There was one refreshment stand in the hall; we had to wait twenty minutes for a cup of tea because the coffee machine had broken down and the two people behind the counter had no idea what to do about that.  The stands, despite there being fewer than fifty  with a huge space in the middle for workshops, were so close together that wheelchair visitors were struggling for room.  Worst, there were no bargains to be had, everything for sale was very full price so all I bought was a packet of needles and some wire.  I could have done workshops but they all looked a bit easy.  There was a glass soldering workshop but it lasted an hour and I didn’t want to make my friend wait.

But I was glad to have gone once to see what another show looked like.  I realised how incredibly well organised Miniatura is and how much there is to see and do at the show.  The only problem with Miniatura is how you are going to fit it all in to the time available, which is why the weekend tickets are such a bargain.  At the show I went to yesterday I had seen everything by lunchtime.  I also was so glad I had not agreed to do Miniatura regardless, I am not sufficiently recovered.  Just after midday, having been walking round for only and hour and a half, my knees suddenly buckled and I thought I might fall over.  I didn’t, instead we waited in the queue for tea and I surreptitiously leaned on my little wheeled suitcase.

It’s six months till the next Miniatura.  I have booked the show but only time will tell if I can be fit enough by then to do the show.  I’ll only be able if my hand is working, currently I can only lift it about four inches from hanging down uselessly.  I am doing the exercise which involves walking my fingers up the wall until my hand is above my head, quite a lot.  I am supposed to do 10 repetitions four times a day but so far can get to about seven reps twice and then my arm simply will not move.  To do Miniatura I have to place several hundred dolls on the stand I have built in about two hours.  At present I could perhaps lay ten flat on the table.

All of which makes me grateful to be here still, determined to enjoy something every day, and glad that I can write this and that you are reading it.


Life – a state of being to be enjoyed regardless.  If you are reading this on Sunday 1st October, there is still time to get to the Min and pay at the door if you are near enough to Birmingham UK.  If I had anyone to take me or the energy to go I’d be there with you.

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4 Responses to Catch up.

  1. Pat Berry says:

    You are an inspiration. I love to read your blogs. Your sense of humour is just wonderful and the September blog had me laughing out loud with tears rolling down my face. When you’re going through such a bad time it is remarkable. I have bought three of your dolls in the past and I have in mind the next one I want and with your enthusiasm for life and determination I know you will make it to NEC in spring. SEE YOU THERE!

  2. Shirley Drake says:

    Well let’s hope you are well enough to be there Jane. It will be a huge step forward for you if you can do it. All my 1:48 dolls are from you and I need some more! We are planning a weekend there in March. We haven’t been for a couple of years and really want to go. Keep going and hope to see you there

  3. Megan says:

    Dear Jane
    I’m glad that you are getting out, even if it didn’t compare to Miniatura. You will appreciate the Min with new eyes when you can go back!
    The show you attended sounds a lot like something that would be offered here… I always go armed with own water bottle, snack and backpack for carrying shopping etc. (we don’t walk around with those wheely suicase thingies here, I’ve always wanted one)!
    I hope rehab is going better all the time. Hang in there.

  4. Sylvia Fayers says:

    I have just found your blog after reading AIM. I send good wishes for your recovery. I love your writing and humour and have gone back and read dozens of your posts and shall continue to do so. Sylvia

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