Midweek Miniatura

Coming soon to a screen near you, well the one you’re looking at now to be exact, will be a new weekly feature, Midweek Miniatura.  On the run up to the Spring Show 2010 I’ll be talking to the artists and show organiser, Andy Hopwood, about the latest hot exhibits that will be at the world’s favourite miniature collectable art show.

One of the interesting features of real art that separate it from craft and commercially available products is the inspiration that powers the work of artists.  Artists working in miniature, whilst they are aware of show deadlines and enthused by commissions, still produce their best work in a frenzy of passion when the muse strikes.  As a result, they rarely know what the virtuoso pieces, of interest to the keenest collectors, will be until quite near to the show.  For this reason, magazines, planned and produced months in advance are usually only able to report in retrospect.  The immediacy of ’tinternet, however, allows me to be more like a hot news television broadcast in this respect.  So, with a bit of luck, a following wind and a very long ear wiggling round the organiser’s office, it will be my pleasure to bring you————HOT ART  !!!!

Ooh yeh, it’s going to be great. Dig out your collecting antenna, dust off the snow and tune in to Midweek Miniatura, weekly, in the middle of the week (you think?) here at JaneLaverick.com.

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