Happy Easter!

It’s just a week to the show!  Despite my desire to do nothing but sit at the table and work, I am taking the day off to visit my mother, taking a nice lunch and anticipating a visit from the baby this afternoon.

On the work front I am amazed to say I have 16 new dolls.  When I say 16 I really mean 16 new ranges.  There’s no doubt about it, having limited time to work causes pent-up creativity, leading to doll explosions.

I have no photos because none are dressed yet but last night I did manage to assemble five flexible children under an inch high.  They will actually fit in the Bespaq baby house, though they look a bit huge.  This maybe means I am close to flexible 144th scale figures.  Imagine that!  Poseable 144th scale dolls.  Crikey.

Meanwhile in existence a whole range of small 48th scale people that fit Jane Harrop’s houses.  I shall dress them to fit in the three houses she does, so Irish rural, French commercial and 1920s anything.

There’s a new 12th scale 4 year old.  Three new 24th scale ornaments, a 24th scale small flexible witch and an entire group of 2inch collectible ‘old’ dolls based on all our toys in the 50s and 60s.

Pictures when they are dressed

All show details at www.miniatura.co.uk as always.


A week to go!  Oh my paws and whiskers!

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