Midweek Miniatura!

What would I do without the Min?  How could I be?  What would I have to look forward to?

Nothing is the answer.  I love this show so much I couldn’t do without it.  I love everything about it.  I love getting ready for it (had the kiln on three times already), I love hearing about and meeting the new artists (lots of new ones this time) and all the exhibitors (over 150 this time), and the terrific quality and the venue (the NEC with everything you need for a great day out that the weather can’t spoil) and the free parking and Andy that arranges it and setting up to see what everyone has been up to and being there and doing it and everything.  Just everything.

Did I mention that I love Miniatura?

I do – it is so positive and cheerful and artistic that it is all I’m going to write about for a month.  No doubt the madness will descend once more, I’ve had some very serious papers to sign and there is gloom on the horizon BUT for the next month it is Miniatura season as the world’s favourite miniature art show gets into gear, once more to lift the spirits, inspire the collector and delight all comers to a wonderful weekend out.

The show is on the 1st and 2nd of October 2016 details as always at www.Miniatura.co.uk   opening with a page of work from some of the new exhibitors.

Great stuff, stay tuned!


Tiny joys to soothe the soul.

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